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“Walk of Faith” Conman

In last month’s issue, THG ran a story describing the amazing journey of Jurie Pieters - a “terminally ill” Cape Town man who had already completed a 6 000 km. loop of South Africa on foot in a “Walk of Faith”. The walking “bug”, apparently was still with him and he arrived, once again, in Boven during his second trip. As he was already known to local businesswoman Leah – owner of Leah’s Place in Boven’s main street - she, out of the goodness of her heart, took him in, fed him and gave him a place to rest up before he continued his journey.

Days turned to five weeks in all and, during that time, Jurie proved very helpful to Leah with daily chores and errands. So much so that Leah, continued to supply Jurie with free board and lodging – as well as spending money – in return for his efforts. Unfortunately, this is where the good news ends, because recently, Jurie disappeared from Leah’s Place without a word. Along with food, clothing – and a quantity of cash.

It would seem that Leah’s kindness has been repaid with treachery and she is, understandably, upset and angry. However in a quick chat to THG, she admirably “turned the other cheek” and put the unfortunate incident behind her, assuring us that this would not change her positive attitude to people and life in general.

Well done Leah, we admire you. We are not at all sure that we could be even quite so forgiving as you have been. Accordingly, we have no hesitation whatsoever in awarding Jurie a stinging Lemon Award for March and feel sure that your misdeeds will catch up with you one day. Shame on you!


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