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DJ Motors Belfast

Cars, as any motorist will tell you, sooner or later, will give you headaches. And, just like any other vehicle owner sometimes, THG seems to have had more than its fair share of “car trouble” recently. So, it’s always nice to know that there are still businesses out there who are ready, willing and able to relieve one of the hassles involved with car ownership.

Just such a business is DJ Motors in Belfast, owned and run by well-known local businessman, Danie Janse van Rensburg. Recently, Danie and his team handled the re-roadworthy test on an elderly Toyota Conquest which still does sterling service for us here at THG. The ins-and-outs of test centres and the reams of paperwork that accompany the process are as strange to us a Swahili, so we were most relieved when DJ’s took over the whole process from start to finish. We dropped off the vehicle, left it in their capable hands and went back to running a newspaper. In no time at all, the test had been done, a few minor wobbles quickly sorted and the little “blue bomber” was returned to us safe and sound – and squeaky clean! No surprises then that the well-deserved, big fat Cherry Award for March goes to DJ’s! Cheers Guys! You are stars to us and Belfast is lucky to have you at their service!

A reminder that THG encourages readers to submit their own nominations for either a “Cherry” or a “Lemon” award. Drop us an e-mail and tell us why folks deserve a smile or a snarl!


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