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Stop abducting boys!

This was the message sent out to an owner of an initiation school in Machadodorp recently by the Mpumalanga House of Traditional Leaders.  With the beginning of the initiation season for 2015, it seems that a number of boys aged between 13 and 21 have allegedly been forced to attend initiation school without their parents’ permission. 

Parents are urging the House of traditional Leaders to crack down on people who are running bogus initiation schools in the Machadodorp area, stating that allowing children to attend initiating school without their parents’ permission, is against the Ingoma Act which states that no person may be forced into attending initiating school against their will.

Kgoshi Mokoena – Chairperson of The House of Traditional Leaders – says a task team already appointed to investigate has found four children who were at the initiation school without their parents’ consent. Cases have been opened with the police and legal action will be taken based on the fact that the school owner did not perform the pre-screening necessary to obtain parental permission. 

Parents say that they fear for their children’s’ lives after twenty seven initiates died in the province in 2013 due to botched circumcision procedures.

“I urge all parents to report any illegal initiation schools” said Mokoena.

You can contact the House of Traditional Leaders on 013 766 2934

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