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In Your Kitchen - Monthly recipe

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Apricot Chicken

Cooking time 20 mins
Cost per person for the meal R20-25/person.(dependant on the cut and quality of your chicken pieces)
Serves 4


8 pieces of chicken
1 litre apricot juice
2 packets of brown onion soup
500 grams pasta shells
100 grams of peas/person
2 ripe tomatoes each cut in 6 wedges
4 flowers of fresh basil
Light olive oil
2 tbs butter


Place the chicken pieces in an electric frying pan. If you do not have one, use a heavy- bottomed frying pan. Turn it on to high heat.
Sprinkle with soup. Pour in apricot juice so that the soup mixes with it. With lid off, reduce the juice to a thick sauce. Turn the chicken once. Once your sauce has reached the desired consistency, turn on to low and put on the lid. Do not allow the chicken to stick and burn, keep loosening and stirring with spatula.

While the chicken is cooking, get the rest ready. Boil the kettle. Put pasta shells on stove covered with boiling water. Add salt. Bring to boil. Cover. Turn off heat. Check every 5 min. until almost as you like it (10 min.) Remove from heat and rinse under cold water to stop the cooking process. Add 2 tbs olive oil and the butter to the pasta pot and leave on one side.

While you’re cooking the pasta, steam the peas. This will require about 10 min., so get them going halfway through the chicken’s cooking time.

Turn off chicken and peas with lids on.
Heat oil and butter over high heat.
Cut tomato, add salt and a pinch of brown sugar. Add pasta and heat.

Served with pasta shells & baby peas.
Garnish with fresh tomato and basil.

Note: You can adapt this meal by changing your starch to mielie meal, rice, spaghetti or couscous. They all work well.

You can add to the meal by serving a tossed green salad or any green vegetable.
For a completely different taste, change the apricot juice to mango, pear or peach.

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